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American Career College Review

we are adding posting reviews of american career college and west coast university at this site to make it easier to find and to see the result of the administrative decisions made by the executive team.  here is the first of many.

From Gina C on http://local.yahoo.com/info-20353088-american-career-college-incorporated-los-angeles?tab=reviews&allreviews=1#reviews

I graduated the Medical Billing program with honors in mid June and since then, my (now) 7 calls/emails to career services to inquire about help with job placement have gone without any acknowledgement which is very frustrating. I know we are not guaranteed jobs but they claim they are there to help us with job placement at the very least. I haven’t heard from anyone since I finished my externship so it seems that the career services dept. doesn’t work quite the way its advertised when you sign up (and throughout your time there). My overall experience at ACC was good mainly because I made it that way by trying to stay positive and focus on what was working in the midst of some trying circumstances during my time there. I chose to focus on the positives instead of the negatives. If you are inquiring about this school for Medical Billing/Claims Examining I would suggest researching community colleges (less expensive if you have the time) or getting an online certificate as I believe you can learn what I learned online for a lot less and won’t have to deal with the frustration of feeling like you’ve been duped after doing your best to be a good student deserving of at least a return call or email after you’ve spent nearly a year and over $10K there…bummer…

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