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American Career College Review – 11/18

submitted by “Danielle” S, Associate in LPN Nurse on September 28th, 2010 at http://www.getdegrees.com/reviews/american-career-college


I am actually a recent graduate of ACC so I can comment on the entire experience. I am an adult in my late 30’s who lost her job of 20 years. Since I had always wanted to be a nurse I figured i’d take the 1 year LVN course (actually turns out to be closer to 1-1/2 – 2 years by licensing time) and after graduation i’d work while attending RN school. Unfortunately things did not work out that way. During the training if you could get past the staff lecturing the half of the class (whose mommy’s are paying for their education) for being absent, late or forgetting to take out their facial piercing AGAIN you will learn alot. However most of it is what you study on your own time and teach yourself. (I know I would have never signed up to pay 32,000 to teach myself) The clinical sites are ok if you get a good instructor. (kind of a gamble) The after grad training is great and she tells you when it is time to take NCLEX. I took it and passed it on the first try HOWEVER what we were not told was that the hospitals WILL NOT HIRE NURSES WITH OUT 1 YEAR PAID EXPERIENCE!!!! The counselors push their job placement in the beginning (1 of main reasons I came here) What they do is to sit on the internet and email us the job offers they we are finding all by ourselves on the net. They will not even return our calls or emails. I say DO NOT WASTE $32,000!!! I am not slamming this school since all private nursing schools are the same. Just be prepared!! I APPARENTLY WAS NOT!!!! 😦

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