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American Career College Review – 11/19


Lies If I could rate this school less than one star I would. When I read reviews online I gave them the benefit of the doubt and went and visited the school. All I can say is that all those people in the admitting department MUST have majored in Acting and/or Sales because they had me sold. We started the program and it seemed okay for a couple days. We got our curriculum and uniforms but as soon as the teaching actually started things went south. I literally taught myself the entire 2 months I was there. The clinical instructors act like it’s a chore to be there and some of the students who are Medical Assistants had to TEACH THEM things!!  This place is a total joke and should have their license taken away. It’s $33000 for the program and the way they sell it to you they make you think that it is worth it. I wish I hadn’t been sold by what they told me because it’s been the biggest waste of time ever. I just dropped out and ended up paying about $3500 for 2 months where all I did was read a book to myself and take tests on things they never taught. If you have even half a brain you will listen to these reviews and don’t go. Save your money and go to a community college and get an ADN degree. Trust me. That’s what I am doing and what I should have done before.

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