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American Career College Review – 11/23

by hazelunicorn on 05/05/2010 – http://local.yahoo.com/info-20353088-american-career-college-incorporated-los-angeles?tab=reviews&allreviews=1#reviews

I just came back from ACC. At first they weren’t so pushy, but they do ask if you’re ready to start right away, or not. I got there at the Los Angeles location around 11am, and got out at 3pm. They had me take a small reading, language, and math test that was about 1-hr long. Then they ask you how you’re paying for your tuition, I can’t, so they rushed me to financial aid. Had to fill out 2 fasa forms back two years (why?), I’m unemployed so I had to write a judgement letter, bring 2 yrs of back taxes, HS diploma, I.D, IU stats, and SSN. They told me I can start tomorrow, for the medical assistant program, how can this be? My credit is in the toilet to get student loads, and if I get a co-borrower why would I get more in trouble with $15,286, to pay back if I don’t have a job right away. They’re crazy. And now I hear all this lack of teachers, no thanks.

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