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American Career College Review – 11/24

Julie on 03/21/2010 – http://local.yahoo.com/info-20353088-american-career-college-incorporated-los-angeles?tab=reviews&allreviews=1#reviews

I graduated from American Career College in September of 2009. I have not been able to find a job as a Medical Assistant. The school had not trained me in any medical software. This causes a big problem trying to find a job.
When I signed up, I was told they would help us find a job. They printed out my resume for me. That was the extent of their help. They called me after my internship in September, to ask if I found a job. I stated I had not. They informed me they would start helping me look. I did not hear from them again until December of 2009., Again they asked me if I had found a job. I told them I have not. They assured me they would help me look. I have not heard from them since. It is now March.
While in school, we changed instructors 4 times. Which made it hard to learn the new instructors teaching methods, along with the materials. I didn’t feel I was learning very much. Some days, no instructor would show up. and we would be in the classroom waiting. We would go to the front desk, they never knew what was going on.
My tuition was 12,500. They actually charged me more than that. I just happened to notice. I was making $90.00 Payments. I noticed none of that money was being applied. I had finally had it squared away, after much complaining. My loans start this month. I am trying to defer them a year, because I have no way of paying them.
I have not received any support in finding a job. Finding one fresh out of school is hard enough. Now with time lapsing farther and farther, from when I graduated, I fear nobody will every hire me.
I have found since graduating, other schools offer the computer software classes that go with medical assisting. I feel I was cheated in this area. Along with having an instructor who was there with us the entire course.

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