Admissions Reps are NOT Your Friend

if you think back to high school, the guidance counselor was there for help. he/she just wanted what was best for you so you would tell them the situation and they would give you what they thought was the best advice – for better or worse.

this is the same in the public college and community college system for admissions. public schools and community college admission representatives have nothing to gain by having more or less students. they do have a lot to deal with if a student is not qualified or committed to go to class because the educators and the teachers are the departments that run the school. they are there solely to educate and to help the public.

in for-profit education, this is absolutely NOT the case. the decisions are run by the BUSINESS people not the EDUCATION people. there are tremendous incentives for admission reps to get more students. that is why they call you non-stop if you happen to give them your name and phone number. they have a number of students they have to sign up per month or they will lose their job.

how do they do it? they use the fact that most prospects come to the school hoping to get it and do not know that the school needs them for more than the prospect needs the school. so they either act like they will try to get you in. the truth is that they are just waiting to see if you can get the financial aid needed to sign up. there is no “admissions” process at these institutes. If you pass the CPAT or Wonderlic and can get your financial aid – you are in – period.

next page we will put up will give you the questions you know you should ask and the questions you don’t know (yet!) to ask.

  1. MGh
    November 8, 2010 at 10:50 pm

    Too true.

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