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Lies If I could rate this school less than one star I would. When I read reviews online I gave them the benefit of the doubt and went and visited the school. All I can say is that all those people in the admitting department MUST have majored in Acting and/or Sales because they had me sold. We started the program and it seemed okay for a couple days. We got our curriculum and uniforms but as soon as the teaching actually started things went south. I literally taught myself the entire 2 months I was there. The clinical instructors act like it’s a chore to be there and some of the students who are Medical Assistants had to TEACH THEM things!!  This place is a total joke and should have their license taken away. It’s $33000 for the program and the way they sell it to you they make you think that it is worth it. I wish I hadn’t been sold by what they told me because it’s been the biggest waste of time ever. I just dropped out and ended up paying about $3500 for 2 months where all I did was read a book to myself and take tests on things they never taught. If you have even half a brain you will listen to these reviews and don’t go. Save your money and go to a community college and get an ADN degree. Trust me. That’s what I am doing and what I should have done before.


Hide and Seek on the American Career College Website – #2

what is REALLY missing from the site is the information that you need to make your decision about the school.  that information is the placement rates for the various programs.  why is this not included?  because apparently there is something to hide.

why do we say that?  well, let’s think through it.  in the end, the reason every student chooses a program like those offered at American Career College is to get a job and start on the new path for the rest of their life.  students pay extra (around 15x the cost at community college) because they want a streamlined program and support they don’t expect to receive from the traditional school system (in a later post we will talk about how for-profits consistently underdeliver).

while the support component might be difficult to quantify, getting jobs for students is not.  it is called placement rate.  Every for-profit school knows what it is because they must track it in order to maintain accreditation and federal recognition for Title IV funding.  the question is why this number is not available on the website?  if they are placing well, wouldn’t it be front and center showing how they get students jobs?

we contacted ABHES, the accrediting institution for American Career College, and they told us to ask the school for this rate.  this is just daring ACC to make up the number, and from what we have heard, they do.  programs from medical assisting, pharmacy technician, vocational nursing and medical billing have all been under the required 70% placement rate by ABHES in the last few years.  yet, this is not shown anywhere public and is supposed to be covered in the private meeting when the prospect is alone with the admissions representative.  what is really happening is that the information is buried in the enrollment agreement is mixed in with a stack of documents.  students enrolling don’t even know that they are acknowledging that they were told these lousy placement numbers.

think about this.  70% is seven out of ten.  even if they make this requirement it means that 3 out of every 10 students that attend American Career College will pay 15-20x the cost at community college and will still be looking for work.

3 out of every 10 will not be able to transfer the credits they just earned, they will not be able to get their loan forgiven and they will not be able to get the time they just wasted back.

3 out of every 10 will have just made their life worse than it was before they went to school.

explain to us again why do we need organizations that act like this in our community?!?!

American Career College Review – 11/18

submitted by “Danielle” S, Associate in LPN Nurse on September 28th, 2010 at


I am actually a recent graduate of ACC so I can comment on the entire experience. I am an adult in my late 30’s who lost her job of 20 years. Since I had always wanted to be a nurse I figured i’d take the 1 year LVN course (actually turns out to be closer to 1-1/2 – 2 years by licensing time) and after graduation i’d work while attending RN school. Unfortunately things did not work out that way. During the training if you could get past the staff lecturing the half of the class (whose mommy’s are paying for their education) for being absent, late or forgetting to take out their facial piercing AGAIN you will learn alot. However most of it is what you study on your own time and teach yourself. (I know I would have never signed up to pay 32,000 to teach myself) The clinical sites are ok if you get a good instructor. (kind of a gamble) The after grad training is great and she tells you when it is time to take NCLEX. I took it and passed it on the first try HOWEVER what we were not told was that the hospitals WILL NOT HIRE NURSES WITH OUT 1 YEAR PAID EXPERIENCE!!!! The counselors push their job placement in the beginning (1 of main reasons I came here) What they do is to sit on the internet and email us the job offers they we are finding all by ourselves on the net. They will not even return our calls or emails. I say DO NOT WASTE $32,000!!! I am not slamming this school since all private nursing schools are the same. Just be prepared!! I APPARENTLY WAS NOT!!!! 😦

American Career College Tuition

November 17, 2010 1 comment

In our last post we talked about how the tuition for American Career College was buried to hide the ridiculous costs they are charging to students and, though government loans, the taxpayer.  Instead of letting this stay the case, we thought we would help the search engines out buy posting it on using this search friendly forum.

2010 Tuition Summary
American Career College Tuition – Dental Assisting – $15,540.00
American Career College Tuition – Health Claims Examiner / Medical Biller – $15,287.50
American Career College Tuition – Massage Therapy – $15,287.50
American Career College Tuition – Medical Assistant – $15,287.50
American Career College Tuition – Optical Dispensing –  $15,287.50
American Career College Tuition – Pharmacy Technician – $15,287.50
American Career College Tuition – Associate’s in Health Information Technology –  $31,077.50
American Career College Tuition – Associate’s in Respiratory Therapy – $42,607.50
American Career College Tuition – Associate’s Surgical Technology – $33,157.50
American Career College Tuition – Vocational Nursing – $33,157.50
American Career College Tuition – Vocational Nursing Evening/ Weekend- $34,737.50


Quick comparison – Santa Ana College cost is $20 a credit with the medical assisting certificate program requiring around 30 credits.  Tuition cost = $600.


Hide and Seek on American Career College’s New Website (Part #1)

recently, American Career College spent thousands of dollars updated its website.  while this change seems to provide more information, most notably what is missing is anything that relates to the tuition costs for the school.  additionally, it is very difficult to determine when classes start.  This information seems to be missing from the site.

this is a long standing tactic at American Career College.  the reason you cannot find the information on the site is because they are trying to force you to give them your contact information so they can release their admissions staff on you to pressure you into attending classes.  that is why there is no problem finding the lead form – but good luck finding the tuition and class schedules.

why do we bring this up?  because this year, the state of California reinitiated its agency that is responsible for regulating for-profit schools.  In the new regulations, the Bureau for Private Post-Secondary Education (BPPE) specifically requires that this information – along with anything information that is required in the catalog, be included on the website without requiring the forfeiture of lead information.  See paragraph “O” section 94897 entitled “Prohibited Business Practices” (  It specifically states the following:

(o) Require a prospective student to provide personal contact information in order to obtain, from the institution’s Internet Web site, educational program information that is required to be contained in the school catalog or any information required pursuant to the consumer information requirements of Title IV of the federal Higher Education Act of 1965, and any amendments thereto.

did American Career College revamped its website and not include this information and are violating this regulation?  the short answer of it is no.  but they try pretty hard to make sure you can’t find it.  see this video that shows how hard it is to find this information on its website.



why would they do this.  well there are a couple reasons.  The initial reason it is in a pdf, buried deep in the catalog is it makes it very difficult for search engines (google, bing, etc.) to pick up – making the tuition more difficult for someone to find prior to visiting or calling.  this is also why they put it just one non-descriptive link on a page that very few people will find on the site.

but the most important reason is, as stated before, they want you to call or visit the campus before they tell you the price.  why?  because it is in these private conversations with the prospect when they can mislead and pressure promise prospects into making the decision they want – the same actions found by the GAO posted on this site in September.  This way there is no evidence accept the prospect’s account – which American Career College can easily deny.  It is critical that they continue the high pressure tactics that they use because this is the only way they can get someone to pay over $15,000 for a Medical Assisting certificate that would cost less than $1,000 at a community college.

as with everything – people only hide what they don’t want others to know about them.  in this case, American Career College is charging students – thus indirectly every taxpayer – over 15x more than a community college.  talk about a ripoff…..

American Career College Review – 11/16

from jmallett44 on 
03/21/2010 at


I graduated from American Career College in September of 2009. I have not been able to find a job as a Medical Assistant. The school had not trained me in any medical software. This causes a big problem trying to find a job. 
When I signed up, I was told they would help us find a job. They printed out my resume for me. That was the extent of their help. They called me after my internship in September, to ask if I found a job. I stated I had not. They informed me they would start helping me look. I did not hear from them again until December of 2009., Again they asked me if I had found a job. I told them I have not. They assured me they would help me look. I have not heard from them since. It is now March.
While in school, we changed instructors 4 times. Which made it hard to learn the new instructors teaching methods, along with the materials. I didn’t feel I was learning very much. Some days, no instructor would show up. and we would be in the classroom waiting. We would go to the front desk, they never knew what was going on.
My tuition was 12,500. They actually charged me more than that. I just happened to notice. I was making $90.00 Payments. I noticed none of that money was being applied. I had finally had it squared away, after much complaining. My loans start this month. I am trying to defer them a year, because I have no way of paying them.
I have not received any support in finding a job. Finding one fresh out of school is hard enough. Now with time lapsing farther and farther, from when I graduated, I fear nobody will every hire me.
I have found since graduating, other schools offer the computer software classes that go with medical assisting. I feel I was cheated in this area. Along with having an instructor who was there with us the entire course.

American Career College Review

we are adding posting reviews of american career college and west coast university at this site to make it easier to find and to see the result of the administrative decisions made by the executive team.  here is the first of many.

From Gina C on

I graduated the Medical Billing program with honors in mid June and since then, my (now) 7 calls/emails to career services to inquire about help with job placement have gone without any acknowledgement which is very frustrating. I know we are not guaranteed jobs but they claim they are there to help us with job placement at the very least. I haven’t heard from anyone since I finished my externship so it seems that the career services dept. doesn’t work quite the way its advertised when you sign up (and throughout your time there). My overall experience at ACC was good mainly because I made it that way by trying to stay positive and focus on what was working in the midst of some trying circumstances during my time there. I chose to focus on the positives instead of the negatives. If you are inquiring about this school for Medical Billing/Claims Examining I would suggest researching community colleges (less expensive if you have the time) or getting an online certificate as I believe you can learn what I learned online for a lot less and won’t have to deal with the frustration of feeling like you’ve been duped after doing your best to be a good student deserving of at least a return call or email after you’ve spent nearly a year and over $10K there…bummer…