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Returning to Action

after we spent a bunch of time editing all of the GAO footage, we got pulled away from this effort for personal reasons – specifically my parents – for a couple weeks. after that, inertia kicked in and we just were not able to get things moving again.

but something happened over the last few weeks. after all the GAO information came out about for-profit education, the public rhetoric has experienced a serious cooling off. conversely, the source school for much of my comments (American Career College / West Coast University), continued to dump more and more of the leaders that care about the students for more profiteering (and less diverse – we will post about this later) souls. these released former employees reached out to us through the earlier contacts and now we have more information than ever to talk about.

in the future, we will continue to report this information to the public so you can truly understand how American Career College and West Coast University works. this will leave you – the potential student or average taxpayer – to ponder whether this is just a “bad actor” or is this a microcosm for the whole for-profit education system. we believe that this very lightly regulated system run by unscrupulous souls that, in most cases, steals from the average taxpayer and uses the most vulnerable countrywomen and countrymen as the means to get to those ends. we plan to spend the next few months exposing this through the practices of American Career College and West Coast University.

on an related note, it amazing to find out how much people want to talk once they realize someone is listening. thank you to all who have reached out to us. anyone who would like to contribute, please feel free to email us at