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About this Blog

hello former, current or prospective students of for-profit education institutions.

the idea for starting this communication started a couple of years ago when i was talking to a former employer of a los angeles based for-profit school called american career college. in that conversation, this person talked to me about how the company was growing, the owner was making a ton of money and how it was losing its core competencies – teaching basic health care skills to students and sincerely helping them jobs. i continued to talk to some others about this topic as part of some graduate work i was doing (ironically for another for-profit online school), but trashed the idea for something i knew a little better.

i decided to pick this back up as i continued to talk to my friend about what she was hearing about the continued growth and the misgivings being made by that company. stories of absentee ownership, senior staff with a history of non-compliant actions and active targeting of vulnerable individuals all continue to pile up. i asked around and was introduced to a number of former employees of the company and found that this once student-focused organization was falling to the wayside as the money tumbled in – and from what they described, it is definitely tumbling in.

the saddest part of all this is the students are not getting jobs. all three campuses were sited by the accrediting body for not meeting job placement standards by the end of the review cycle. some of that is the economy of late, but despite knowing this – they and other schools like them continue to enroll at a record pace. and when the class is over the person holding the bag is not only young students duped by promises of a better job, it is us – the american taxpayer – who pays for the student loan program.

so this is meant to serve as a social medium to communicate and increase the voice of those taken in by this abuse. first and foremost – it is meant to collect the stories of those who were misled by the admissions teams and by the promises made. i hope that these stories about american career college (or the like) will help others in their decision making.

from these stories, i will try to contact the former employees and other experts to give explanations so we can shed some light (the best disinfectant) on this. we will also post articles and interesting information about these practices for you to review.

feel free to start posting comments/stories below. thank you for helping one another and helping to inform the public about these practices.